DARPA Creates Bullet That Can Think For Itself, Change Course Mid-Flight


Just like the movies, soldiers will soon be able to “curve” their bullets.

Remember that ridiculous Angelina Jolie movie where people could “curve” bullets by flicking their wrists? We all had a good chuckle at that one, and MythBusters even completely buried the very idea, but now, the military scientists at DARPA have proved that once again, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. Introducing the “Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance” (EXACTO) – a bullet that can think for itself, and adjust its course mid-flight.

This year, DARPA successfully tested the ordinance in a standard .50 cal. variant, meaning it can be easily deployed and used by everyday soldiers on the field without any additional training. The tech behind the bullet is somewhat similar to what’s used for laser-guided bombs – it uses optical sensors in its nose to gather in-flight information and internal electronic systems that control the projectile’s fins (which are deployed mid-flight) and guide the bullet to its intended location.

In the video test above, it’s shown how the projectile homes in on its intended target by having the shooter aim deliberately to the right. If this technology hits our military, snipers may not have to worry about shot-effecting environmental concerns (such as wind strength and bullet drop) on those must-hit shots.

It’s a crazy example of the things scientists can come up with, and should help to ensure US soldiers can carry out their missions unhindered.

Although I have to admit, the concept of a bullet that can chase you is a little bit terrifying.

Source: Business Insider

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