Datel Gets Green Light for Microsoft Lawsuit


Third-party peripheral developer Datel’s lawsuit against Microsoft will be allowed to proceed, after Microsoft tried to have it dismissed.

UK-based peripheral manufacturer Datel has been cleared to proceed with its lawsuit against Microsoft, after a US District Court denied Microsoft’s motion to have the case dismissed.

The case centers on Datel’s claim that Microsoft’s decision to prevent unlicensed, third-party memory cards from working with the Xbox 360 was monopolistic, and prevented customers from exercising their freedom of choice.

The judge seemed to agree, and the case is going ahead. “We’re gratified that the case will proceed and Datel looks forward to re-establishing the benefits of competition in the accessory market for all Xbox 360 users,” said Daniel Asimow, a litigation director at Howard Rice acting on Datel’s behalf.

Microsoft is suing Datel separately for allegedly infriging on a number of the company’s game controller patents.

Source: Edge


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