David Jaffe Calls Out MSNBC Bias


God of War creator David Jaffe, never one to mince words, has called bias on a set of questions posed to him by an MSNBC reporter writing about the PS3, and, in typical Jaffe fashion, he dropped as many f-bombs as he could doing it.

David Jaffe, freshly returned from a vacation to Disneyland with his eldest daughter as he relates in his latest video blog, recently received a set of questions from a journalist writing an article for MSNBC “examining the life-to-date chronology of the PS3.” The questions, which Jaffe posted in their entirety on his work blog, appear to have a wholly negative slant on the arguably far-from-spectacular lifespan of the console. One question poses that “a lot of people wonder what Sony was thinking when developing the PS3. So… what were they thinking?” Another suggests that the PS3 “has been cobbled together since its release” and the final query asks: “has hope faded for PS3 as the ‘comeback player?'”

Jaffe, who says that he had a red flag go up the second he saw the “MS” in “MSNBC,” had a typically outrageous response to what he perceives as a negative bias in the line of questioning. “This is absurd,” he said on his video blog. “Either it is biased and you call it what it is, and it’s like, dude, why are you writing to me? I’ve never made a game on a system other than a Sony system, why the f***k would you be asking me for my opinion, you think I’m going to sit there and validate these totally negative questions for your f****ing stupid article? No.”

He then goes on to play the devil’s advocate and assume that the journalist is in fact not biased, but then concludes that if he were, the questions about Microsoft’s own mistakes as well as the fact that the PS3 isn’t completely dead in the water are missing. He admits that a story about the PS3’s missteps is completely valid and that he’s not exactly an angel when it comes to defending the PS3 either, but in the end, tells the reporter to “look to someone else for help bashing your company’s competition.”

Of course, in the middle of all that, he readily admits that he could be wrong and that he might not be seeing the bigger picture of what the reporter’s trying to get at. There is the distinct possibility that this anonymous reporter (if he’s not just some random guy trying to goad Jaffe into being Jaffe) is simply trying to document what most would agree has gone wrong with the PS3 which would probably entail asking these kinds of questions. Still, the guy couldn’t have been thinking straight asking Jaffe and not expecting something like this to come back at him.

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