David Perry Leaves Shiny Behind For Good, Moves to MMO Market


After leaving Shiny to find buyers, the former President of Shiny Entertainment has joined with Acclaim and a Korean developer to create a free MMO entitled 2Moons.

After leaving Shiny Entertainment in early 2006, David Perry intended to find a buyer for the studio when Atari would presumably look to offload them to generate some much-needed funds. At the time, David Perry told the O.C Register that, “If I’m an employee of Atari, then I’d be stepping all over them. This way, I’m representing a buyer. I can act swiftly and get buyers on the table. I pitched Shiny last time and got $47 million.” After nearly six months, Atari has sold Reflections Studio to Ubisoft, but no sale of Shiny has been forthcoming.

We contacted David Perry following the 2Moon announcement to find out what happened. “Yes, I’ve separated with Atari for good. When I left Shiny, I announced my intentions to help Atari find a buyer (as you saw they recently sold Reflections), however as we also saw they held on to Shiny. Not being the most patient person in the world, within two months, I had created a new company and 2Moons is just the first game we are announcing that I’m Directing with my consultants.” When asked how the development process would work with the Korean developer, he said that, “Basically we start with the framework from a game called Dekaron, we start by re-writing the story and all dialog and then working on design features that would excite a western gamer.”

2Moons is slated to be a completely free MMORPG title with violent action and optional ads. David Perry explains on that, “It will be like on television, you get to see a pay-per-view Mike Tyson fight that would normally cost you forty bucks, but you turn on a single image in the bottom right hand corner you get to watch it for free.” If you choose to allow the ads you will receive an experience and gameplay bonus over players who leave them off.

Acclaim is publishing the title, which is a brand that was purchased last year by former Activision executive Howard Marks.

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