Dawn of War II Gets Map Editor


Dawn of War II‘s official map editor World Builder will be released later this summer as part of the game’s “There is Only War” update.

Fans of Relic’s Dawn of War II can stop complaining about maps and start making them for themselves later this summer when the developer releases World Builder, the official map creation tool that will let players design, edit and publish their own Dawn of War II maps.

“World Builder lets you add victory points, power nodes, and requisition points under Urban, Desert, Tyrannoformed, and Jungle map tilesets,” Relic said. “You can deform terrain, place cover objects, choose the weather, and define the size of the map. Maps can be released for two, four, or six players.”

It doesn’t look too intimidating to use – I’m sure anyone with the devotion and time can figure the tool out using the samples and documentation Relic is supplying. Unsurprisingly you’ll need some reasonably powerful hardware to use the World Builder. Relic recommends using a PC that can run Dawn of War II on high or ultra settings.

“The tool is being released to further open Dawn of War II to the modding community, to give fans the ability to contribute new content and increase the longevity of multiplayer,” Relic said. “We here at Relic are looking forward to see what you have to contribute, and can’t wait to get pwnd while playing on some awesome community-created maps.”

World Builder will go into beta early next month along with the rest of the “There is Only War” update, and will release later this summer when the update makes its official debut. I, for one, am looking forward to being able to lose on a greater variety of maps.

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