DayZ Alpha Sells 172K in Its First Day

DayZ Standalone

DayZ sold a solid 172,500 copies of its Early Access alpha edition in its first 24 hours of release.

The standalone version of DayZ released recently in alpha form on Steam Early Access and, by all accounts, made a fairly big splash in its opening hours. Despite the developer openly warning customers that this early version still has some screws loose, more than 88,000 players bought their way into the game in its first 12 hours of availability.

These weren’t the end of the game’s sales however and in it’s now been revealed that, in its first 24 hours, DayZ managed to sell more than 172,500 copies, earning Bohemia Interactive $5.12 million. While obviously not putting it up in the same tier as day one mega-sellers like Call of Duty and its ilk, it’s still impressive for a game that, by the admission of Bohemia Interactive’s own CEO, is still pretty well riddled with bugs and needing a lot of hard work.

What will be interesting to see going forward is how high these numbers rise in the long term. After all, the original DayZ mod became popular in spite of it still largely being a work in progress. It’s very possible that these numbers just represent its established fan base jumping on board with the new version. Whether or not sales will continue climbing is something we’ll be interested to see.

Source: Maruk Spanel via Polygon

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