DC Universe Online Trailer Unmasks Epic, Dark Plot


A new trailer for DC Universe Online shows why heroes and villains will have to work together to save the world.

It’s been five years since DC Universe Online first began production, but comic artist Jim Lee, Mark Hamill (best-known as the voice of the Joker), comic scribe Marv Wolfman, and game director Chris Cao were on hand at Comic-Con to show off a new trailer that fleshed out the game’s backstory.

Up until now, all that’s been advertised about the plot was that players would create a costumed character who would be working with the big names of DC’s comic universe. The new five-minute trailer explains what’s going on and why the world could use such an influx of super-powered beings, no matter which side of the “Good vs. Evil” fence they’re sitting on.

The trailer is pretty epic. It shows a major battle between future versions of the Justice League and their enemies, eventually resulting in most of the characters dying shortly before Brainiac shows up to effectively take over a now-defenseless Earth. At the end of the clip, it turns out Lex Luthor has traveled back from the future to explain the threat to the heroes in the present, and ends things by stating that everyone has to work together in order to prevent Brainiac from succeeding when he arrives.

DC hasn’t had too many games that have actually been all that great, though Batman: Arkham Asylum seemed like it could be the beginning of a videogame renaissance for the company’s various franchises. Based on the trailer, it certainly seems like DC Universe Online might very well continue this trend when it’s released on November 2nd.

Source: Gamespot

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