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DC Universe Possibly Shutting Down as Warner Focuses on HBO Max

With Warner Bros. / WarnerMedia laying off so much of DC Comics, DC Universe may also shut down, its content likely pushed to HBO Max.

In a recent and shocking report outlining numerous high-level firings at DC Comics by parent company WarnerMedia, also dropped some other news that may be a bit less shocking. It reports that DC Universe, DC’s streaming and digital comics platform, may be shutting down as WarnerMedia shifts all of its streaming efforts to HBO Max and perhaps looks for a new digital strategy for the comic books.

Evidently, most of the DC Universe staff has been laid off by WarnerMedia as the company undergoes a massive restructuring caused by COVID-19’s impact on the entertainment industry, especially film and comic books. With no theaters to open new movies in and a myriad of challenges with comic book distribution (some of its own design), the company has been struggling.

The shuttering of DC Universe shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. One of the biggest issues with HBO Max’s launch was the fact that the company had a plethora of other streaming services housing its content, leading to confusion for consumers. DC Universe has also already been “sharing” shows, including Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn moving over to HBO Max and Stargirl releasing simultaneously on The CW. There’s no word on whether or not Titans, the sole remaining major piece of original content exclusive to DC Universe, will move over any time soon — but recently the DC Universe name was removed from the show’s Facebook page, so it looks like it may happen.

None of this is confirmed, however. DC Universe may live on as a comic book digital platform while all streaming content moves to HBO Max, or the entire thing could be shuttered. One thing is clear — there are changes coming. Maybe one of them will finally let us see Swamp Thing.

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