Dead Rising 2 Prequel Still In the Grave


The downloadable Dead Rising 2 prequel set to be released this week has been delayed due to inappropriate content.

Normally, games are delayed due to bugs or other issues. In a more mysterious case, Dead Rising: Case Zero, the downloadable prequel to Dead Rising 2, has been delayed in Japan due to what Capcom says is inappropriate content.

Case Zero is an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive and was scheduled to be released on August 31. A last minute delay has caused Capcom to put the episode’s release as “TBA” instead. The company reportedly discovered an aspect of Case Zero that was too violent to be included in the free demo portion.

The free download of Case Zero is meant to be the demo for Dead Rising 2. However, if players choose to pay 400 Microsoft Points, they get to experience a much larger story. Case Zero takes place three years before Dead Rising 2 and tells the tale of the game’s main character, Chuck Greene, in his first encounter with the zombie hordes. Experience points and cash earned in Case Zero can be brought into the main game.

There hasn’t been an announcement of Case Zero‘s delay in any other regions, but if you check XBLA this week and it isn’t there, you know why. What’s confusing is that Capcom knew from the beginning that Dead Rising 2 wasn’t going to be a tame experience, with both zombie and human blood bound to be constantly spilled throughout, so it’s odd that the company wouldn’t have caught whatever it caught until a day before release. Dead Rising 2 is still on track for release on September 28.

[UPDATE] Capcom has told Kotaku that this won’t affect the release of Case Zero in any other regions.

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