A Visceral Games engineer who worked on Dead Space 2 has made his own trailer to promote the game – in indie sensation Minecraft.

Dead Space 2 hit store shelves last week, putting players in the shoes of the quiet but not silent Isaac Clarke as he continued to fight evil space monsters. The game had its share of official trailers, but Visceral gameplay engineer Michael Noonan decided to make one of his own – using Minecraft.

“The whole environment and shot set up I’ve done myself, though the actual scale of the marker is closer to the one in DS2,” Noonan told Kotaku. “I genned a couple worlds until I found a big mountain to put the marker inside, fortunately it was naturally hollow to begin with, I only needed to blow up a floor a bit.”

Noonan says he didn’t want to just copy the other existing Dead Space 2 trailers, as they focused on the new monstrosities Clarke & company would face – something he couldn’t easily do in Minecraft. Instead, he just aimed for a spooky atmosphere. “I’m not really good at audio stuff, so I spent a couple hours looking for a creepy a [sic] lullaby until I found that Silent Night music box melody that just seemed to fit the theme perfectly.”

It’s certainly an eerie little melody, that’s for sure.

One thing does seem strange to me. According to Noonan on the video description, he put the letters “‘MA’ ‘KE’ ‘US’ ‘WH’ ‘OL’ ‘E’ ‘D’ ‘EA’ ‘SP’ ‘AC’ on some of the blocks, in plain English.” But the markings we see in the video look like random scrawls to me – I don’t see the letters anywhere. It could have been a much more effective marketing tool if, y’know, it had the name of the game in the trailer.

(Thanks, Alai!)

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