Death Lurks Around Every Corner in New Dark Souls Screens


Not only will you die a lot on Dark Souls, but those deaths will be incredibly varied.

It’s one thing to hear that Dark Souls is a hard game, but getting a sense of just how hard it is can sometimes be difficult. Thankfully, a new batch of screen shots from the game is helping to put things in context: Dark Souls is the kind of hard that involves spectral crimson ninjas laying in wait to ambush when you walk past, and zombie dragons the size of a house gobbling you up like an armored Twinkie.

The new screens show a mix of exploration and action. On the action side, Dark Wraiths – the red colored enemies that are actually other players – play a pretty prominent role, as do the walking dead. For the explorers among you, there’s a look at a couple of the game’s environments, like wandering around the rafters of what looks like a Cathedral, and an impossibly tall forest.

Dark Souls, with its zombie dragons, wraith ninjas, and enormous trees, comes out for PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 4th.

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