Fans of Star Wars lovingly assembled a video recreating Luke Skywalker’s amazing feat. Stay on target!

Even if you loathe anything that’s emerged from Lucasfilm in the last fifteen years, you have to admit that the climax of the first Star Wars film is a great moment. There’s something just well-crafted about the tense flight through the trench leading up to Han Solo’s redemption and Luke’s final shots which set of the chain-reaction that destroys the Death Star. We’ve featured things recreated in the sandbox of Minecraft before, but a near shot-for-shot recreation of an entire scene rendered in blocky goodness? That makes YouTube poster ParadiseDecay’s video all the more exceptional.

I love the video’s use of sound from the original spliced with voiceover work from the creators. The mix delivers an authentic feel while accentuating the care taken to craft such a detailed video. The explosion of the Death Star was a little lackluster – I would have liked to see more of a boom, honestly – but the whole piece is just made of pure (and I don’t use this term lightly) awesome-sauce.

If you’re interested in how ParadiseDecay and his team made the nearly 5 minute video, check out the “Making of” video below:

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