Decorate Your Fallout 4 Settlement With These Hard-To-Find Robot Models

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Have too many empty shelves in your Fallout 4 settlements? Fill those up with these exceedingly rare robot model kits. Even after a hundred hours of gameplay, you might never come across one of eight robot models. I sure didn’t. Fix that mistake and fancy up your house with these locations to acquire all eight robot models.

Fallout 4 brought a few changes to the Bethesda formula, but few inspire as much creativity (outside the thriving mod community) as the settlement management mechanics. Now you can build structures over any acquired settlements using the handy workshop to select and plop down all sorts of construction pieces. Now you can design a dingy dream home. If you love your creations as much as we do, then you’ll want to festoon the living room with some awesome robot models. They’re like Pipboy statues that don’t actually do anything useful.

If you are looking for something useful, check out our huge list of tips to help you earn 100% happiness settlements. Or craft to your heart’s content with our Fallout 4 infinite adhesives guide. A steady supply of adhesives can make your gunsmithing much easier.

Robot Models Locations Guide

Robot Models serve no practical function! Like real-life models, these are just display pieces. Totally rare and unique display pieces, but that’s all they are.

  • Eyebot Model: Fallon’s – This department store is near the Roxbury Hospital. Go up to the cafeteria on the second floor and look for a corner maintenance room. Pick the lock and search the metal shelves to get this model.
  • Mr. Gutsy Model: Boston Mayoral Shelter – Travel to the bunker along the west center edge of the map, in the same town as Fort Hagen. Go to the living quarters and explore the kid’s bedroom. Look on the stand between the twin beds.
  • Mr. Handy Model: Hugo’s Hole – This mine location is north from the deep Dunwich Boor spot. It can be hard to find, so keep an eye out while at the Dunwich mine. Take plenty of radaway before entering the trap-laden halls to reach a room at the end of the path. The model is in the back corner with a radiation suit.
  • Protectron Model: Revere Beach Station – Along the beaches overlooking Libertalia, you’ll find the Revere Beach Station. Climb up onto the roof and drop into the garage through the dropped ceiling. There’s a Power Armor station with the model kit to the right.
  • Sentry Bot Model: O’Neill Family Manufacturing – Deep in the Glowing Sea, find this sunken factory along the eastern outskirts of the sea area, south of the map line. At the lower floor, you’ll find a Power Armor station. There’s a desk opposite this station with the model.
  • Robot Parts #1 Model: Poseidon Reservoir – Reach the building located at the southwestern lake. Look to the large pipes sunk into the water. One of these pipes is broken. Swim underwater and climb up into the busted pipe. It leads to a secret stash with a nightstand containing this kit.
  • Robot Parts #2 Model: Mahkra Fishpacking – This plant is located on the northeastern beachfront. At the front, travel around to the right until you find locked double-doors. Pick the lock and enter the storage area to get the kit from the metal shelves.
  • Robot Parts #3 Model: Lake Cochituate – In this southern lake location, look for a small bandit camp on the water consisting of raised wooden structures on stilts. One of the outlier buildings has a raised walkway leading inside where you’re greeted with a green container on the right and a mattress on the left with a crate on top. The robot kit is located on that crate.

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