Dedicated Gaming Channel Coming to British TV


The UK’s fall TV schedule is going to be more videogame-packed than you might have thought.

For certain portions of The Escapist audience, the idea of a dedicated videogame channel will seem passé, but for the UK, the launch of gaming channel Ginx is a first. The channel’s launch was announced at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival earlier this morning by Ginx CEO Michiel Bakker, whose company already produces Gameface, the most popular videogame show on British TV.

Bakker said that the channel will focus on “light gamers,” a label clarified on the channel’s website as core gamers outside the small percentage considered to be hardcore. The channel will focus on reviews at first, but will eventually expand into other types of videogame-themed programming, like shows that highlight celebrities that play videogames. Bakker says that whether or not an idea will make good television will determine whether it gets shown on the channel.

You might think that Ginx doesn’t really sound like the sort of channel you’d like to watch, but that’s kind of what the channel is about. If you’re reading this story, then simply put, you’re not in Ginx’s target audience. It bills itself as the “MTV of videogames” and says it’s all about “mainstream entertainment.” It’s a little disappointing that it’s not more in-depth, but let’s be honest, hardcore gamers aren’t short of places to go for that kind of content, we don’t really need a TV channel too.

Ginx launches its 24/7 service in November.

Source: Eurogamer

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