Anyone that’s purchased games from will be able to download them again on Thursday, and we may find out what happened to the service even sooner.

When digital distribution website Good Old Games suddenly shut down this week it was a major shock. Though the reasoning behind the shutdown has been shrouded in secrecy somewhat (with DRM expected to play a part), this may not be the case for much longer.

A recent update on the website’s front page expresses apologies and says that GOG was shut down due to “business and technical reasons.” On a positive note, the update also says that every Good Old Games customer will be able to “download all their games with bonus materials, DRM-free and as many times as they need starting this Thursday.”

In addition, an official statement that should hopefully stem confusion about the shutdown is planned to be released on Wednesday. Whether this means that a brand new GOG will be launched on Thursday, or that the site will continue to sleep as it tries to revive itself someday is unknown.

Good Old Games was a great destination to find older titles, from the original Fallout to King’s Quest. It just added Triumph Studios’ Age of Wonders series to it’s ever-growing list of available games, so it didn’t seem like GOG was planning to shutdown anytime soon. Hopefully we’ll know the deal within a couple of days or so.


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