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Demon Turf: Neon Splash Surprise-Launches on Switch, PC with More 3D Platforming

Demon Turf: Neon Splash launch trailer release date Nintendo Switch PC Steam Fabraz Playtonic Friends 3D platformer

Out of nowhere, publisher Playtonic Friends and developer Fabraz have revealed and launched Demon Turf: Neon Splash on Nintendo Switch and PC. It retails for $4.99 but is currently discounted by 10%. The game is a bite-sized follow-up to the hit 3D platformer Demon Turf, which launched on all platforms last November. It basically has the scope of a DLC expansion, but it is being sold as a standalone entry so that anyone can play it.

Like in the original game, Demon Turf: Neon Splash lets you place your own checkpoints, letting you tweak the difficulty as you see fit. There are 10 new levels with a large assortment of new challenges to overcome, with the premise being that protagonist Beebz and her friends have been sucked into the world of a neon painting. There are many unique goals to complete in each level, in addition to remixed versions of levels that bring even more new challenges. Beebz will collect new powers that let her keep the action going, encouraging speedruns if the player so desires. Along those lines, there are leaderboards for the best times to climb.

Fabraz had a surprise hit on its hands with Demon Turf, and now it has another surprise with the launch of Neon Splash on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Meanwhile, Playtonic is busy publishing other games like the Zelda clone Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince and the precious Lil Gator Game. One would presume Playtonic is also working on something for its own IP, Yooka-Laylee, as well.

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