Design a Pair of Panties to Win a Penguin


Penguins will die if you don’t help them design women’s underwear. No joke.

A promotion for the upcoming Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! could help you immortalize your place in the world of underwear design. Nippon Ichi Software America is holding a Prinny 2 contest that asks fans to create their own women’s undergarment designs.

Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! is a platformer that follows 1,000 penguins, i.e. prinnies, as they search the world for the Demon Lord Etna’s panties. If they don’t find the knickers, she promises to skin the penguins and wear them instead. It’s a plot we’ve seen all too often before.

NISA’s official contest rules can be found here. Entrants primarily design a single graphic that is placed on the front of the underwear. The best design will actually be produced, while three winners will get a copy of Prinny 2, and 50 randomly selected entrants will get a pair of the newly designed underwear.

It’s far from a normal contest, but Prinny 2 is far from a normal game. Entries will only be accepted until November 12, so if you fancy yourself a budding undies designer you’d best get to work. Protip: Put a penguin on there.

Source: Prinny 2 Contest

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