Destiny 1.0.2.

Destiny‘s 1.0.2 patch has gone live and will make Rare and Legendary Engrams more consistently valuable.

Destiny has captured the hearts and minds of countless gamers, many of whom even now are running and gunning their way through its HD hordes on a quest for interstellar loot and glory. That being the case, it’s also a game possessing some substantial problems. More specifically, its loot system has left many players frustrated thanks to its tendency to reward their hard work with items not even remotely worth the time and effort it took to earn them.

It’s a complaint that Bungie is now aiming to silence with the release of patch 1.0.2. Announced last week and live today, the new patch is designed to “address some widely-discussed concerns with how Engrams are earned and claimed.” Going forward, Rare and Legendary Engram drops will be added to the potential rewards for the games Daily Heroic Missions, Weekly Heroic Missions and the Vanguard: Tiger Strike playlist. These Engrams, in turn, are being modified so that Legendary and Rare engrams will “always produce” an item of equivalent or higher value.

The patch will also lower the weight on the First Light in Control and Clash and Bastion missions to make them less prominent in playlists and will also reduce their time limits from 15 to 12 minutes. Players interested in utilizing the 1.0.2 update will be able to download it free in Destiny. The full patch notes can also be found at Bungie’s official website for those inclined to give them a gander.

Source: Bungie

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