Destiny Expansion Unlocks The Reef This May


Destiny‘s “House of Wolves” expansion will open an all-new region for Guardians starting on May 19.

One of the strangest locations in Destiny was the Reef, simply because players couldn’t do anything there. This asteroid belt was a significant story location presented only in cutscenes, introducing a Queen who stood apart from the Guardian’s many struggles. According to Bungie however, that’s about to change with Destiny‘s “House of Wolves” expansion – opening up the region for Guardians to loot and fight in to their heart’s content.

According to a new trailer released today, the Queen isn’t powerful simply because of her followers – it’s also because she forged a truce with the Fallen. But that truce is at an end thanks to an act of betrayal that led to her people being slaughtered. In response, the Queen is finally allowing Guardians into the Reef, making it the first new playable region since Destiny‘s launch.

Outside of new story content, “House of Wolves” will include three competitive multiplayer maps and a new Strike mission. The expansion will also introduce a Crucible competitive elimination mode, along with an arena activity called “The Prison of Elders”. More “House of Wolves” details will be unveiled in the coming days, but considering it’s been six months since the last Destiny expansion? I expect Guardians are chomping at the bit to try something new.

“House of Wolves” will be released on May 19, 2015.

Source: Destiny

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