Destiny‘s Sony-Exclusive Content Detailed


Destiny‘s PlayStation gamers will find themselves with a bunch of exclusive missions, weapons, ships, and maps.

During E3, Sony announced that Bungie’s upcoming sci-fi FPS Destiny would be getting a bunch of exclusive content for its PS3 and PS4 versions, and now, it has detailed exactly what those exclusives will be. At launch, PS4 and PS3 owners will get exclusive access to a unique co-op mission located on Mars, an exclusive competitive map, and a slew of exclusive guns, gear, and ships.

The “Dust Palace Strike” is an exclusive three-player cooperative missionthat can be played online with friends or via matchmaking. In the mission, you’ll track a Cabal extraction team through the husks of an ancient human skyscraper, the Dust Palace, buried in the shifting dunes of Mars and face a new enemy, the Psion Flayers.

The “Exodus Blue” multiplayer map is a mid-sized Crucible arena that pairs perfectly with Control and Skirmish game modes. The Exodus Blue, a long-dead vessel, once brought hope and humanity to worlds beyond Earth.

Three pieces of gear: the Manifold Seeker armor, the Vanir and the Argus battle-wear, two weapons: the Monte Carlo assault rifle and the Hawkmoon hand canon, and three ship variants: the “Aurora Wake”, “Crypt Hammer” and “Outrageous Fortune”, round out the platform-exclusive bonuses.

Platform-exclusives like this are pretty much inevitable in this day and age, but it still sends a twinge of sadness through me to see publishers withhold content from players depending on their platform of choice, or even which store they chose to buy the game from.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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