Destroy Everything Easily With This Overpowered Fallout 4 Perk Combo

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Need to destroy even the most legendary Fallout 4 enemies with a single shot? Stealth is the answer. Using a particular combination of perks, you’ll one-shot Super Mutant Behemoths and Alpha Deathclaws. See which perks to unlock fast below.

Stealth got an upgrade in Fallout 4. Thanks to a variety of perks that improve stealth attacks, it’s very possible to overpower the toughest enemies — if you’ve got a little bit of patience, and the right weapon for the job. Taking a stealth perk build might seem silly in the face of the mighty Fatman and Power Armor rampages, but if you’re willing to invest in the right perks, you’ll have no problem murdering everything in the Commonwealth.

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Overpowered Stealth Perk Build Guide

Stealth is all about hitting that sneak attack. To dish out bonus damage, you’ll need to enter Sneak Mode and shoot an enemy while he’s still unaware of your presence.

This guide is totally predicated on your ability to scout an area and come equipped with a silenced weapon. Learn which perks to take and the optimal weapon to use here.

For the purposes of stealth, I recommend avoiding VATS in most cases. Aiming down the sights and placing your cross-hairs over an enemy’s head is more reliable than a VATS hit percentage… unless you’ve got the right perks!

Best Overpowered Stealth Perks

Get these perks as quickly as possible to easily crush your opponents.

  • Mister Sandman (Agility 4): Being able to kill people in their sleep is handy, but not that helpful. However, additional silenced weapon damage is mandatory. Rank 3 enables +50% sneak damage.
  • Ninja (Agility 7): Continue stacking bonus sneak damage with the Ninja perk. At Rank 3, your ranged sneak attacks dish out an additional 3.5x damage.
  • Rifleman (Perception 2): Depending on your inventory, this might not be a mandatory perk. But if you want the most power weapon to combine with the stealth-based perks above, you’re going to need to level this perk up.

Optional Perks:

There are several optional perks you may or may not need depending on your skill at staying hidden and acquiring the right mods.

  • Gun Nut (Intelligence 3): The easiest way to acquire silencers is through the Gun Nut perk. You’ll also need this to upgrade receivers for optimal damage output.
  • Sneak (Agility 3): This perk makes sneaking easier, but isn’t required to cause tons of damage. If you stay out of enemy sight, you’ll always remain hidden. Take this to make it harder for enemies to spot you and become alerted. Higher ranks also makes it easier to escape, reverting confused enemies back to their more passive selves.

Best Weapon for a Stealth Perk Build

Which weapon to use. If you’re sticking with the Rifleman perk, the Combat Rifle is an amazing early choice, but eventually something even better becomes available.

  • Gauss Rifle: This powerful weapon becomes more powerful with the Rifleman perks, and it can be fitted with a silencer! Doing so makes this a stealth killing machine.

Fit the Gauss Rifle with a Silencer and always fully charge each shot to annihilate almost every enemy. Deathclaws and Mirelurk Queens don’t stand a chance.

The Gauss Rifle can be purchased at Weapon Vendors post-Level 25. For one more option, there’s an even better Gauss Rifle to get.

  • The Last Minute: This special Gauss Gun is sold by the vendor Ronnie Shaw in The Castle. You must complete Taking Independence and after some time she will appear. Complete her mission Old Guns to open her store.

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