Deus Ex 3 Details Revealed By Czech Website


Czech gaming website Hratelne has gotten its hands on some Deus Ex 3 details, and some charitable souls on the official Eidos website have very kindly translated it all for us.

In a preview article on Hratelne, details about the game’s plot and gameplay have been revealed, hopefully assuaging fears that the next installment will be another Invisible War.

Apparently, DE3 will continue the series’ globetrotting tradition, with the game visiting five major cities including Shanghai, Detroit and Montreal. The article also revealed that the art direction will take a different tack from ‘traditional’ cyberpunk dystopia, with vibrant, renaissance-inspired colors standing in contrast with the near monochromatic palette of genre. The plot will apparently feature yet more shadowy cabals and secret societies and will show the events that led to the creation of UNATCO, JC Denton’s employer in the original Deus Ex.

On the gameplay side, the article talks about a new social interaction system which requires players to pay close attention to a subject’s facial expressions and body language, squad-based enemy AI, the difficulty of boss fights varying depending on your previous actions and more details on how the augmentations will categorized and how they will affect the game.

All in all, it looks like Deus Ex 3 is shaping up to be a much more subtle beast than the developers initial comments led us to believe.

Source: Joystiq

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