Deus Ex Trailer Promises Secret Global Revolution


The fantastic-looking Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer from last week’s TGS promises that the world will be revolutionized – if it isn’t destroyed first.

What do I like about this TGS ’10 trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Man, what don’t I like about it?

Nobody can say that this trailer isn’t incredibly stylish. Just-a-bit-in-the-future Shanghai has a wonderful dystopian look to it that’s very reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII‘s Midgar without the giant swords and pointy hair. The visual aesthetic is tremendously appealing, particularly when the sexy femmes fatales start walking around in skintight leather.

And speaking of sexy femmes fatales in skintight leather, the action looks pretty rockin’, too. I’d have loved to see more ways for the protagonist to approach a situation beyond just “shoot and/or stab things until the problem is solved,” but I can appreciate a well-done action sequence as much as the next man.

But the best compliment I can give this trailer is that it made The Escapist newsroom’s very own grumpy PC diehard Andy Chalk excited for the game. And that, my friends, is a feat in itself.

Consider me officially psyched.

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