Diablo III Boss Teases Ladder Mode

diablo III ladders

“Systems designers researching ladders,” Tweeted Diablo III lead designer Josh Mosqueria.

Ladder mode was a hugely popular Diablo II mode in which players started from scratch and attempted to level a new character the fastest, in search of bragging rights (and occasionally prizes from Blizzard). It’s been one of the most-requested features for Diablo III since its release, and it now looks like we may actually be getting it.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Systems designers researching ladders…” Tweeted lead designer Josh Mosqueria, alongside the picture you’ll see to the right. “Yup, fun to climb!” He dropped another hint when a fan asked him about a specific legendary item, the “Wall of Man,” quizzically responding “We only speak of it in hushed tones… we didn’t just build walls out of bones, but also ladders to climb over them…”

Sure, these are very cryptic hints, but Mosqueria seems like a pretty cool guy, and this would be a pretty bad troll if it didn’t end up in the announcement of ladder mode. Mosqueria took the reigns from previous Diablo III lead designer Jay Wilson last year, and since then, has made nothing but sound decisions for the future of the game, removing the auction house and fixing the loot system in the hefty Loot 2.0 patch.

Reaper of Souls is only a few weeks away now – it launches on March 25 – so we shouldn’t have to wait long to see if Blizzard have managed to sneak in any extra features like ladders that we haven’t heard about. Or, perhaps they will add it in a future update. It might even come alongside that PvP mode we’ve been waiting for since launch…

Source: Twitter

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