DICE wants to make a new BF4 map with community input, test it in the CTE.

EA and DICE have already committed to bringing more DLC to Battlefield 4 this year, including new versions of maps from past entries in the franchise. But it’s not all re-worked Mashtuur City madness, as DICE also wants new creations in the mix.

Specifically, DICE wants to make at least one map with the Battlefield community, to be put through its paces in the Community Test Environment (CTE).

“Together with our development team, you will get to shape a playable map based on your input and expertise on what makes a fun multiplayer level,” says DICE in its latest Battlelog update. “This map will then be tested and tweaked in the CTE…As part of this CTE testing you will be providing feedback on the map, and creating the final [product] together with us.”

Exclusive to Battlefield 4 Premium members, the CTE program was launched in 2014 after widespread complaints about Battlefield 4’s stability, “netcode” problems, and other issues with gameplay mechanics. This program is where all the community map input will take place, starting with the CTE forums.

Sourcing a map from active community members is always a welcome design path, but it could be too late in the game for BF4. Battlefield: Hardline is due out next month, which means the initiative could come after many players transition to the newer game. And the move also begs the question: Why doesn’t DICE release a downloadable Frostbite map-making tool, and let dedicated community members make their own maps? A Team Fortress 2-like initiative — DICE picks its three or four favorite community-made maps, and makes them official selections — could go a long way in maintaining strong ties with the game’s community.

New maps aside, DICE is also pushing out a new “Winter Patch” next month, which will “[polish] things like netcode and soldier collision.” The patch will also address balance concerns in the Squad Obliteration game mode.

Source: Battlelog

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