DICE Wants Your Ideas for Battlefield 3


DICE is offering prizes for the best user-submitted ideas for Battlefield 3 but just dropping them an email isn’t going to be enough to win.

Battlefield 3 is coming, perhaps later this year, but for now it seems that DICE is still working new ideas into the game and to that end it wants to know what you, the fan base, would like to see included. “DICE is starting a new community challenge asking Battlefield fans to give us your feedback in the most creative way you can think of,” the studio wrote. “We want to know what it is you want in Battlefield 3, whether it is game specific features, weapons, vehicles or anything!”

But there’s a catch: just mailing in a list of ideas, even if they’re good ones, isn’t going to cut it. You have to make an impression on the dev team by making your suggestion in a “creative” manner.

Planet Battlefield has a couple of suggestions. “Really passionate about commander mode? Write ‘Commander Mode’ on your hairy chest, take a picture and post it,” it said. “Got a girlfriend? Use that to your advantage. No nudity though.” Which is a shame, really, because I think a nudity toggle in the options menu could be a big selling point.

DICE also promises “some very nice prizes” to whoever makes the best/most memorable suggestions, and to the community site where it was submitted as well. Are we a community site? We’re a site, and somebody here must play Battlefield – that’s good enough for me. Come up with some great ideas, post them here and win us some stuff!

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