The director of Uncharted thinks that the luscious lipped actress Scarlett Johannson would fit as the perky reporter love interest of Nathan Drake.

We probably have months of casting specualation ahead of us before the final cast of the Uncharted adaptation is announced, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. Mark Wahlberg was mentioned to play Nathan Drake, and the actor also named Joe Pesci and Robert Deniro as possible costars, but then an interview with Naughty Dog’s Creative Director rescinded that, before it was once again “confirmed” by Wahlberg. As of right now, we actually know very little about who will play the characters we’ve come to know from the game. All we do know is that the director of Oscar-nominated The Fighter, David O. Russell, is tapped to write the script and direct the film. And that he is apparently considering casting Scarlett Johannson as Nathan Drake’s erstwhile partner searching after El Dorado. That is, if that’s even the plot of the movie. Sigh.

Well, here’s what Russell had to say about casting Elena. “I’ve cultivated her [character] quite a bit and I think I’ve added a lot of dimension to her so that’s all I’m going to say. I love the woman characters and the more robust they are, the more robust the movie,” Russell said.

The interviewer then asked whether he was interested in casting Amy Adams, who Russell had just worked with on The Fighter. “Oh I would love that too, I love Amy. I also love Scarlett Johansson; there’s a lot of great actors I think might suit. Hopefully, we’ll see how it works out with everybody who are being scoped to do that role,” he said. Just the fact that he mentioned Johansson’s name so prominently means that he’s considering her, but you never know how Hollywood casting will work out.

On the film itself, Russell pointed out how movie-like the game is and hopes that the film will live up to Uncharted‘s standards. “The game is very cinematic; there’s no question about it. That’s what I’m working on real hard and I’m writing it as we speak and I’m really excited to make it. I’d love Mark to be in it, I’d love Bob De Niro to be in it; I love the idea of growing them into a cinematic family; I think that’s a really cool idea, but … I guess you’ll have to wait until you see the script.”

So does that mean that Robert De Niro will play Sully? The family aspect certainly points to the dynamic in Drake’s Fortune.

What do you think about Scarlett Johansson as Elena? Does that fit your image of her from the game?

Source: Empire Online


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