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Disco Elysium Dev Confirms PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Ports for Next Year

Disco Elyisum PlayStation 4 Xbox One ports exclusive developer interview

Sleeper hit Disco Elysium is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next year, according to lead designer Robert Kurvitz.

ZA/UM’s Planescape: Torment-inspired CRPG came out for PC on Oct. 15 and has already become a critical darling. In an interview with the Escapist, Kurvitz revealed that he has big plans for the game and its broader setting.

“The immediate plan, and this is why I won’t go on a holiday anytime soon, is to get Disco Elysium to as many people as possible,” Kurvitz said. “We’re going to port it next year to PlayStation and Xbox. We need to be very hands-on with the design of that. We don’t want to hire a porting company. We think it really is going to lend itself very well to console play because you don’t need to go over minute tactics and use a mouse because it’s very narrative in its nature.”

Kurvitz is also working on translating the game into Chinese and several European languages. An English translation of Sacred and Terrible Air, the novel by Kurvitz that serves as the game’s source material, is likewise forthcoming.

Disco Elysium tells the story of an alcoholic, partially amnesiac cop who has to solve a murder in the fictional city of Revachol. The game revolves almost completely around dialogue and skill checks, not being about combat.

Stay tuned for the Escapist’s full interview with Kurvitz tomorrow, revealing more details about the game’s development and plans for sequels.

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