Disintegration Closed Beta Key Giveaway (PC, PS4 & Xbox One)

The Disintegration closed beta test begins tomorrow and the developers at V1 Interactive were kind enough to share a whole bunch of keys with us to give out to you today! Below you’ll find three different widgets where you can nab a beta key on a first come first serve basis for Steam, Xbox One or PS4. Feel free to take a few codes to share with your friends, there’s around 100 codes per platform to give out.

If you’re hearing about Disintegration for the first time, check out the beta trailer below and then nab a key by clicking the link to take you to the widget and try the game out for yourself.

Steam Keys

Xbox One Keys

PS4 Keys

Closed Beta Details

  • The Disintegration Closed Technical Beta runs on January 28 (8am PT – 11:59pm PT) and January 29 (8am PT – 11:59pm PT).

  • During this window players will have access to two of the three frenetic multiplayer game modes that will be available in the full game at launch. These modes are Retrieval and Zone Control.

  • Retrieval – players compete in two intense rounds in which one team attempts to deliver a payload which can only be carried by their ground crew while the other team defends.

  • Zone Control – two teams vie for domination over various capture points. Players must ensure their ground crew are alive and within the zone as this is the only way to accrue score to win the match.

  • Players will be able to play with seven of the final game’s unique crews in the beta, such as the damage-boosting Tech Noir or the nuke-launching Warhedz. The purpose of the betas is to ensure stability and collect feedback ahead of when the game launches later this year.

  • For more details about the technical beta as well as information on Disintegration, please visit www.disintegrationgame.com.

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