Disney Planning New “Tron” Game


Disney Interactive Software has plans for a new Tron game to coincide with the launch of the Tron sequel, TR2N.

Disney is talking to developers about making a new Tron game as a tie-in to the Tron sequel, TR2N, according to Variety. Tron being a movie about videogames that spawned a number of games, and TR2N being its follow-up and presumably also very much in the same vein, this should hardly come as a surprise to anyone.

The movie’s scheduled for release in 2011 and still remains shrouded in mystery, but reports say that original stars Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner will return, and that John Hurt and Karl Urban (Eomer from The Lord of the Rings) are rumored to be involved. And though impatient nerds might hate that the movie’s not due for another two years, we can at least take some solace in the notion that if Disney’s getting the ball rolling now on the game, the developers may have a reasonably decent amount of time to put out something of respectable quality.

It should at least, I hope, look a lot closer to the movie than the games that came out with the original flick did. Judging from the trailer (which has some pretty ardent supporters around these parts), there’s plenty of potential for a pretty action-packed game full of shiny lightcycle races and epic lightcycle crashes. Let’s just hope it at least turns out better than the Tron section in Kingdom Hearts II.

It’s a bit surprising to hear news of plans being set in motion at Disney Interactive Studios, though, when it was only last week when the company was forced to perform some serious cuts in its workforce. Disney axed 35 members of the staff at Propaganda Games and canceled an unannounced Turok sequel, among other cuts. So if Disney’s investing in a TR2N game, it must mean that they think there’s a good (or just profitable) game to be made from the franchise. Let’s hope for the best.

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