Quarter to Three forum member, Cubit, explores the contents of Disney’s off-road PC racer and discovers the international no-no list for online communication.

Continuing the current trend of finding the worst in wholesome, family entertainment is the PC version of Disney’s ATV racer, Pure, having shipped with its master list of dirty words for the online, multiplayer chat. The discovery was made by a user on the popular Quarter to Three forums, Cubit, who spotted the curiously named “urbandictionary” directory upon installing the game.

Typically, these types of lists are stored on the online, multiplayer servers, effectively placing them out sight for your average player. While altering the list is most likely to have no effect on the nature of the game itself, it does offer a rare glimpse into what developers squelch from online chats and is especially interesting due to the conservative nature of Disney products. The entire list can be viewed online in English (Warning: NSFW language ensues) while the actual product, like Muzzy, comes in French, Spanish, Italian and German. Lets take a look at some of the more interesting words the censors at Disney don’t care for.

.com: I can think of some pretty vile sounding URLs that would require a censor, but an entire domain ban? That’s just cruel. Think of who is affected by this. Shameless promoters, Dot Com from “30 Rock” … there are a lot of innocents in the crossfire of this one.

Choad: The last time I heard the word “choad” being used as an insult was when I was six, visiting my estranged cousins from Illinois and playing Monopoly in someone’s basement. The insulted in question was totally a choad though as he couldn’t stop referring to everything as “wicked.” That’s like when you come over here to Northern California and you find people who still haven’t stopped saying “hella.”

Honkey: I for one am glad that Disney is finally taking a stand against the racist double standards that exist in online gaming. Whiteys have feelings too, you know.

Stud: Thanks a lot, Disney. It’s effectively cut my list of macho online usernames in half. Now instead of Stud_Codpiece I’ll have to settle for Butch_Deadlift, Rip_Steakface or Crud_Bonemeal.

Whip: As in, ghost ride it. I am now also forced to find a much more sporting name for my motor vehicle. How about scrape? Is that okay?

boy2boy, men2men: So let me get this straight, you can’t talk about boy on boy or men on men action, but you can talk about Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD. Truly, Motown Philly is back again.

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