DiveKick‘s Amazingly Bizarre Infomercial That Has to be Seen


DiveKick is a game in which you first jump, or “dive”, and then kick, or “kick”.

Have you ever heard of DiveKick? The team over at Action Button sure have, producing a “five star review” in the form of an amazing infomercial that is more effective than any form of advertising I have ever seen. “What is DiveKick? Wikipedia calls DiveKick a ‘parody fighting game’,” says Action Button founder Tim Rogers. “I say, if DiveKick is a parody fighting game, poker, is also a parody fighting game.”

“If Street Fighter is a blender, DiveKick is a straight razor. If Street Fighter IV is suing someone for libel, DiveKick is decapitating them with a Nascar.”

The infomercial, which shows surprisingly little of actual DiveKick gameplay, does explain the core tenants of the game. First, you jump, or “dive”, and then kick, or “kick”. The first person to kick the other guy wins. That’s it. The infomercial then firmly enters the world of the bizarre, claiming that DiveKick will make every facet of your life better, and will be used in the future to determine the president of the United States of America.

“Anybody can play DiveKick and everybody will want to,” says Rogers, going on to detail some of the “features” of the game. “With DiveKick you can: annoy your friends, ruin birthday parties, break up marriages, lose your life savings, win back your life savings, win a billionaire’s life savings, settle arguments, start wars, make someone angry enough to kill you, make yourself angry enough to kill someone else, and much much more.”

Rogers’ bizarre infomercial review is brilliant in just about every aspect, and it took every ounce of willpower in my body to sit down and write up this news post instead of rushing off the the PlayStation store to buy DiveKick for PS3 or PS Vita for just $9.99 USD.

Source: Action Button Does DiveKick

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