Instructables member BrittLiv has created a computerized sentry turret using a modified Nerf Vulcan.

A lot of people look back at the movie Aliens and remember Sigourney Weaver donning her famous Power Loader get-up to duke it out with the xenomorph queen. It’s an iconic scene that immortalized the Power Loader as one of the cooler inventions thought up by sci-fi films. That being the case, one bit of tech from that classic creature feature that tends to get overlooked are the automated sentry guns that Ripley and company use to stave off the xenomorph hordes hunting them. We are going to go on a limb and say that people probably thought those were pretty nifty too.

Sadly, much like mechanized exoskeletons, automated murder weapons aren’t the easiest things to come by in the real world. That said, if you have some time and can get your hands on a Nerf gun, one YouTube poster may have come up with a good (if less lethal) alternative. Instructables member BrittLiv recently uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing a Nerf Vulcan that she modified to be an automated gun turret. The computerized turret can be manually operated with a connected game controller or, alternatively, can be set to operate fire autonomously on anyone that enters its frame of vision. It can also be programmed to ignore targets adorned with particular symbols or logos, making it relatively easy to set yourself up as a non-combatant. Best of all, BrittLiv provides comprehensive instructions on how to make your own sentry gun at home. If you’re hearing something now, it’s probably just your inner child giggling.

Source: Instructables

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