DJ Hero is officially getting a sequel, and it’s due out sometime this fall.


DJ Hero was a game that many of us loved, but it just couldn’t find the audience its publisher hoped it would. The game only sold about half as much as industry analysts expected, though Activision told us a few months ago that it believed in the series and would release a sequel later this year. This morning, Activision officially announced the existence of DJ Hero 2 and confirmed that the game will ship during the fall season.

DJ Hero 2 will feature 70 new mixes from more than 85 artists like The Chemical Brothers, Lady Gaga, and Kanye West. On top of this, music producer Deadmau5 (pronounced “Dead Mouse”) has been revealed to be a playable character in the game.

While most of the game’s play details have yet to be revealed, Activision has let a few see the light of day. The single player campaign is called “Empire Mode,” which lets players start off as a DJ new to the scene who gradually builds up an entertainment empire. Several new multiplayer modes have also been revealed, as well. “DJ Battles” has two players going against one another over songs specially designed for battle play modes. “Party Play,” which was originally created for Guitar Hero 5, allows players to jump in and out of a song on the fly. Finally, a karaoke mode will be included, too.

The game will be sold in a Party Bundle, which will include two turntable controllers and a microphone. Activision has made some of the new music free to download this week on Xbox Live and PSN.

No official price has been revealed yet, nor has a default game bundle, but more details about DJ Hero 2 will probably be revealed at E3.

Source: GamerNode

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