does atomic heart have character creation or appearance customization answer - no, but you can customize abilities and a couple weapon skins

Atomic Heart sees you investigating a facility where the robots have become less than cooperative. So you’ll need to be on your toes if you don’t want to end up skewered by some mechanical monstrosity. But can you choose just who your character is? If you’re wondering does Atomic Heart have character creation, here’s the answer.

Atomic Heart Does Not Have Character Creation, but You Can Customize Abilities

The character you’re playing in Atomic Heart is Major Nechaev, a military man in service of the Soviet state. Yes, we do mean man — the game will not let you choose your character’s gender, nor can you alter their background as you can in, say, Mass Effect.

What you can do is choose how you spend the game’s ability points, which abilities to invest in and so on. So, to some degree, you’re able to mold your character according to your play style. Though bear in mind you’re going to have to deal with boss battles — there’s no sneaking around those encounters.

Can You Change Your Appearance in Atomic Heart?

So if you can’t change who your character is, can you maybe change their appearance? Can you remove Major Nechaev’s beard and give him some more fanciful Hunger Games-style facial hair? Can you change the appearance of his clothes or change them altogether? Maybe he could save the Soviet Union dressed as a pro wrestler?

The answer is no, you can’t change your appearance either in Atomic Heart. You’re stuck with Major Nechaev as he is, beard and all. And you can’t swap his clothes around, Dead Rising-style. However, there is one thing you can do, and that’s to alter the appearance of certain weapons.

For example, the preorder bonuses for Atomic Heart included skins to give two of your weapons a golden sheen. And given that you’re always looking at your weapons, due to the first-person view, it’s a neat thing to introduce to the game.

But when it comes down to customizing who your character is or what they look like, you don’t get any choice. So, Atomic Heart does not have character creation, and you also can’t change your appearance.

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