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Does Everspace 2 Have Coop?

If you are wondering if Rockfish Games Everspace 2 has any coop (cooperative) or multiplayer game options, here is the full answer.

Everspace 2 is a unique spaceship combat role-playing game from studio Rockfish Games that looks so beautiful with the right PC graphics settings. It rightfully garnered popularity on Steam, and a lot of people are hopping in their spaceships and flying off to try it out for the first time. One question that might be on your mind though is whether or not you can team up with your friends to blast some enemies to bits together for some Everspace 2 coop.

The Prognosis Is Bad for Everspace 2 Coop

With the amazing spaceship battles you can have in Everspace 2, you’d think it would be the perfect candidate to have some kind of cooperative mode so that you can play with friends or even a player-versus-player mode to show off your skills. Maneuvering and shooting down your enemies would be sweet with a friend! Unfortunately, as of the current release of the game, Everspace 2 is strictly a single-player experience.

Rockfish Games has been clear that the game is meant to be a single-player narrative-driven RPG in space, and as such there is currently no coop or multiplayer features at all in Everspace 2, with no plans at this stage to add it in later. Given that the developers want to keep the focus on the high-end graphics, strong narrative, and tight gameplay, I think it’s fair that they want to stick to what they see as their strengths and their vision for the game. It would be awesome to have multiplayer features, but that might be something we have to wait for a DLC or Everspace 3 in order to ever see realized.

While Everspace 2 doesn’t have cooperative play or any multiplayer at this stage, it is still a brilliant single-player spaceship combat game that is well worth checking out if you have the funds for a purchase!

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