does forspoken have character creation or appearance customization

Forspoken tasks you with saving a world that’s dying piece by piece. But can you create and customize your own savior? Does Forspoken have character creation?

You Can’t Create a Character in Forspoken, but You Can Tweak Frey’s Clothes

The answer is no, you can’t create your own character. You play as Frey Holland throughout the game, from beginning to end. You can’t customize her physical appearance either, so putting a mohawk on her is right out. It’s a bit of a shame — more video game protagonists need mohawks.

Is having a predetermined player character a bad thing? Not at all, no — even though her dialogue has come in for some criticism. The Witcher makes you stick with Geralt of Rivia and that’s worked out fine, and we wouldn’t change Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy for the world.

Yes, we’ve played as a few middle-of-the-road dullards, and that’s a problem. But Frey isn’t short on personality, thanks in part to actress Ella Balinska’s performance. And since her personality figures heavily into the game, letting players craft their own character from scratch wouldn’t do Forspoken any favors.

However, you can change some other things about her. You can modify her gear and pick up one of several stylish cloaks. Yes, they also boost your abilities, but choosing outfits just by stats can lead you down a bad road. On top of that, you can choose which spells you level up. So while she’s always going to be running around using magic, you can tailor her attacks to your favored play style.

But no, Forspoken as a whole doesn’t have character creation.

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