If you hate having Frey and Cuff talk constantly, here is how to stop or at least minimize random character dialogue in Forspoken.

Forspoken’s dialogue has come in for some criticism, including the conversations your protagonist, Frey, has with sentient bracelet Cuff. That criticism hasn’t been universal — some people are fine with it. But if you’re in the former camp, and you want to know if you can stop random character dialogue between Frey and Cuff in Forspoken, here is the full answer.

You Can’t Stop Random Character Dialogue Between Frey and Cuff in Forspoken, but You Can Minimize It in Settings

Yes, that’s “minimize” — you can’t shut Cuff up completely. But you can make it so that Frey and Cuff only talk when it’s required to advance the story. Here’s what to do:

  • Go to the Settings menu, either in-game or from the menu screen.
  • Move right to Accessibility Settings (R1 on PlayStation 5).
  • Go down to Cuff Settings.
  • Go to Cuff Chat Frequency.
  • Move the D-Pad or Left Joystick left till Minimal is selected.

And there you go. Those Cuff / Frey conversations will only happen when it’s necessary to advance the story. You can also select Low, Default, and High.

The extreme alternative is to go to Sound Settings from the Settings menu, go to Voice Volume, and turn the volume down to 0%. That way you won’t get any dialogue — from anyone — but you’ll still get music, sound effects, and, if you so choose, subtitles.

And that’s how you stop random character dialogue in Forspoken, at least as far as Cuff is concerned.

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