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How Many Chapters in Forspoken

We are going to explain how many chapters are in Forspoken and how long it takes to beat them, and we’ve prepared a list to go with it.

Perhaps you saw Forspoken at PlayStation State of Play presentations and thought the spell-slinging action RPG combat looked right up your alley. Well, now that Square Enix has released the game, you may be considering if you have enough time to sink into playing it, or maybe you’re just wondering how much time is left in your current playthrough. So we are going to explain how many chapters are in Forspoken and how long it takes to beat them, and we’ve prepared a list to go with it.

Whilst the world of Athia is quite large, the main story itself isn’t that lengthy. If you beeline the main story chapters, you’ll be looking at around 10 hours of gameplay across all chapters. The length of each individual chapter varies quite a bit though as you spend some chapters meeting new characters and others engaging in epic boss battles.

There Are 12 Chapters in Forspoken, and Here Is How Long Each Chapter Takes to Complete

Forspoken consists of the following 12 chapters with these estimated playtimes:

  • Chapter 1 – Attachments – 30 minutes
  • Chapter 2 – Stuck – 35 minutes
  • Chapter 3 – The Interloper – 65 minutes
  • Chapter 4 – What Must Be Done – 55 minutes
  • Chapter 5 – Might and Main – 35 minutes
  • Chapter 6 – Damned If You Do… – 30 minutes
  • Chapter 7 – The Hue of Blue – 60 minutes
  • Chapter 8 – The Truth Will Out – 30 minutes
  • Chapter 9 – Breaking Point – 15 minutes
  • Chapter 10 – None the Wiser – 45 minutes
  • Chapter 11 – Forspoken – 100 minutes
  • Chapter 12 – Awakening – 45 minutes

As you can see, the playtimes for each chapter can range from as little as 15 minutes all the way through to over an hour and a half. These estimates don’t take into account any time spent meeting side characters, completing side quests, or managing your character stats and gear. (It is an RPG, after all.) So you’ll likely want to spend a bit longer than just the time for the main chapters to get your full enjoyment out of the game.

That’s everything there is to know about how many chapters are in Forspoken and how long each one is!

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