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Does Lies of P Have Difficulty Settings?

Lies of P

Lies of P pits you against a city of rogue, murderous puppets, so it’s clear the game isn’t going to be a cakewalk. But what if you want to make things a little easier? If you’re wondering if Lies of P has different difficulty settings, here’s the answer.

What You Need to Know About Lies of P’s Difficulty Settings

Like many games in the Souls-like genre, Lies of P doesn’t have any difficulty settings at all. There’s no easy mode, and the game’s accessibility settings aren’t comprehensive enough that you could use anything in there to give yourself a clear advantage. Players will have to practice and get good at the game, and learning how to Perfect Guard, for example, will definitely give you an edge. However, when you fire up Lies of P, you won’t be asked what difficulty you want to play at. Some games, when they see you’re dying a lot, offer to dial the difficulty, but that’s not what happens here. If you can’t beat a boss, you’ll need to keep fighting them until you win or quit.

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That being said, it’s possible to make some boss fights slightly less painful. Bosses, such as the Scrapped Watchman, have a small font just before you enter their arena. If you’ve found a Star Fragment (sometimes on dead enemies), a computer-controlled Spectre will appear. This shadow creature will assist you in fighting the boss, but it’s not very smart and chances are it will die before you kill the boss.

So the answer to Does Lies of P have difficulty settings is no.

If you’re looking for more help with the game, check out our guide to understanding all the stats in Lies of P, as knowing the difference between them can really help out if you’re having problems.

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