Sons of the Forest cannibal attack

In Sons of the Forest you’re not a stranded holidaymaker, you and your team are on a mission to rescue a missing billionaire. So you’d expect to be a little better armed than just some random survivor. Which raises the question — does Sons of the Forest have guns? Here’s the answer.

Sons of the Forest Does Have Guns but You Don’t Start the Game With Them

Sons of the Forest does have guns, more so than the original The Forest. That first game let you use a gun, but it was a little underwhelming. You could wield a flintlock pistol but nothing more powerful than that. To get it, you’d have to assemble it from parts scattered around the island. And since it only held one shot, you’d have to reload it each time you fired.

Sons of the Forest doesn’t start you off with a gun, but you can get your hands on a pistol and shotgun. There may also be other as yet undiscovered weapons and others could be added throughout the game’s Steam Early Access period. However, don’t expect to be tripping over ammunition and weapons. You should absolutely have your bow and arrow as a backup. 

So yes, Sons of the Forest has guns, more than its prequel. But don’t count on being able to blast everything in sight.

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