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Does Street Fighter 6 Have Denuvo?

Street Fighter 6 PC DRM Denuvo

Street Fighter 6 is out now on PC which, once you’ve bought it via Steam, means you can dive in and start kicking bottom. But if you’re considering a purchase, you might be wondering if it has any kind of DRM add-ons, on top of Steam. If you want to know if Street Fighter 6 has Denuvo, here’s the answer.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the PC Version of Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 does in fact have Denuvo. If you want to know precisely what Denuvo is, check out this article. But the short version — it’s anti-piracy software that gets installed with Street Fighter 6

Some players have claimed it causes performance issues, a sentiment that was echoed by the director of Tekken 7. That’s not been absolutely proven, but Denuvo isn’t known for being popular, amongst players at least. And the situation regarding Street Fighter 6 isn’t going to win it any converts. 

Why? Because the PC version of Street Fighter 6 has been up for pre-order for six months, with no mention of Denuvo. Then, on May 30, three days before the game’s June 2 launch, the game’s Steam page was updated to say it did have Denuvo. I’m not saying there’s a sinister conspiracy at work but it’s not a great look.

Street Fighter 6 PC Steam DRM Denuvo

Why did it take so long to add a mention of Denuvo on the Steam store? It’s hard not to be cynical about the reasons. But the fact remains that Street Fighter 6 now does have Denuvo on PC.

Capcom have a history of adding Denuvo to their PC releases. Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4 remake both had Denuvo. Capcom eventually removed Denuvo from RE Village, but have not yet removed it from RE4R. There is no word on whether Capcom will ever remove Denuvo from Street Fighter 6.

So, the answer to whether Street Fighter 6 has Denuvo is yes. For extra help with Street Fighter 6, check out more of our guides here.

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