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Does Super Mario Bros. Wonder Have Local Co-op?

DoesSuper Mario Bros Wonder have co-op
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Super Mario Bros Wonder is a spectacular-looking 2D platformer coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 20. It has a large cast of playable characters and, from what we’ve seen so far, a nice variety of levels, plenty of jumping, coin collecting, and untimely demises from falling to your doom. What really makes it stand out to me, though, is the multiplayer. Some of my friends and family would rather eat dirt than play a platformer, but it’s sure to be a great time with those willing to play with me. Let’s go over what kind of co-op experience you can expect from Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Is There Couch Co-op in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

Super Mario Bros Wonder will feature a robust multiplayer offering. You’ll be able to play locally, couch co-op style, on one Switch with up to three other players. And, if you and your friends have Nintendo Switch Online memberships, you’ll also be able to get stuck into online co-op as well.

It’s not just standard co-op, either. If one player dies, they’ll get to fly around as a ghost until the other players either complete the level or go down themselves. I can’t wait for that one friend to die on purpose so they can spend their time trying to throw you off your game. If someone plays as Yoshi, you’ll even be able to jump on their back and have them carry you around the levels, which is a nice feature to help players who are struggling!

Super Mario Bros Wonder has great co-op options. Offering both local and online multiplayer, this title offers plenty of flexibility to play with friends and family. If you’re looking for more info about the game, make sure to look through our full range of coverage.

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