Here is the answer to if the Dead Space remake has a new storyline compared to the events of the original sci-fi horror game.

The Dead Space remake improves on the original in many ways, and we’re not just talking about the all-new next-gen level graphics, either. But what about the story? Here is the answer to if the Dead Space remake has a new storyline.

The Dead Space Remake Doesn’t Have a Completely New Story, but It Fleshes Out Aspects of the Original

Yes, EA Motive has built Dead Space from scratch — it’s a remake, not a remaster — but it’s kept the same storyline. And while there’s a secret ending, the main ending is the same as in the original. Likewise, the reason for the Necromorph outbreak is the same, as are most of the things you have to do to get it under control.

So if you know the original Dead Space’s story, you know the remake’s story as well — this isn’t a completely new storyline. However, what the remake does do is flesh out some aspects of the original and also add a little more lore.

Some of this additional lore is accessed by completing side missions. For example, there’s a particularly aggressive and intelligent Necromorph you encounter later. In 2008’s Dead Space it was implied that this was, originally, a particular individual.

However, there’s now a side mission that, when completed, confirms this theory. It also gives you an audio log that relates the creation of this creature in unsettling detail. You don’t have to complete such side missions, but if you’re an avid lore hunter, you’ll appreciate it.

So, no, the Dead Space remake does not have a new storyline, but it tweaks the story a little and adds a little more lore.

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