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Ever since the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion remaster was first announced, there was a question of how this game would change its story to connect to Final Fantasy VII Remake (FF7 Remake). After all, FF7 Remake has been a massive success, so fans have been wondering how Crisis Core might be changed to better fit with it. Well, we have the answer, but it may not be what you expected. (Be warned of spoilers for both games from this point forward!)

The Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Story Does Not Change to Connect to FF7 Remake

Yep. Square Enix did not change anything about the story of Crisis Core for the Reunion remaster. All the story events are the same as they were for the original release on the Sony PSP, meaning they connect directly into the events of the original Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 1. In fact, even several FMV sequences, including the death sequence for Zack Fair at the end, are directly imported from the PSP release for the remaster. Really, the only change is that the look of the Buster Sword was updated to reflect the style of FF7 Remake, but the change appears to be strictly cosmetic in nature.

Square Enix decided not to change the story in order to preserve the original experience. Frankly, that was probably the right call, since many people never played the original game, and they would have missed out on its really beautiful ending if the game were altered to fit the events of FF7 Remake. After all, the ending of FF7 Remake reveals that Zack is still alive, among potentially other major changes to the original canon. Crisis Core Reunion would be a dramatically different experience if Zack survived!

Of course, one could try to argue that Reunion and FF7 Remake kind of connect anyway, since it appears that the Remake saga might be using time travel or alternate dimensions to “rewrite” the story of the original FF7 and CC, and Reunion would technically be part of that rewritten story. But that’s a pretty indirect and insubstantial connection, so it’s not really worth much consideration.

So, the answer to how the story of Crisis Core Reunion connects to FF7 Remake is that it doesn’t, because there are no real changes! They are two totally separate things, and they are both fantastic in their own individual ways. Play them both!

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