If you are wondering if Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty does in fact have transmog, here is the full answer - yes, with decorate in hidden village

While Team Ninja has designed Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty with challenging levels capped off with punishing bosses, it’s also designed the game to be one of the most accessible titles in the genre. There aren’t a lot of consequences for trying new things, whether it’s completely redesigning your character’s appearance at any time, changing your stat points with a user-friendly respeccing option, or having the freedom to remove and assign weapon special effects. But for many folks, looking fashionable is half the fun, so it’s reasonable to ask whether Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has the option to transmog your equipment – as in, making it look like a different piece of gear without changing its stats. Read on to find out.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Does Have Transmog – Here’s How to Do It

Yes, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty does provide you with the ability to transmog your gear. At any point after unlocking the Hidden Village near the beginning of the game, you can visit the location and head down to speak with the blacksmith. In addition to being your point of contact for upgrading and customizing all of your individual gear pieces, she’s also able to transmog (known here as “decorate”) each piece.

When speaking to the blacksmith and choosing the “Decorate” option, you can alter the appearance of your melee weapons, ranged weapons, or any four of your armor pieces for the reasonable price of only 1,000 copper – a drop in the bucket within a few hours of playtime. You can mix and match your look any way you see fit, but the one catch is that you can only transmog a piece of gear to look like another piece of gear you’ve found at some point in your journey – so you’ll need to keep exploring and rounding up new pieces if you want the full collection of options.

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