After months of waiting, it’s finally here: Don’t Copy That 2, the new video from the Software & Information Industry Association that warns against the evils and dangers of copying software.

The SIIA announced in July that a follow-up to the 1992 PSA Don’t Copy That Floppy, a video featuring the raptastic talents of D.P., aka MC Double Def DP the Disc Protector, would be released in September. The cheese factor in the original video was off the charts, a fact the SIIA appeared ready to capitalize on: A promotional trailer for the sequel featured the world’s worst SWAT team chasing somebody’s mom and a pair of file-sharing Klingons.

Now, right on schedule, Don’t Copy That 2 has landed on YouTube and while the cheese remains intact, the video ends on a bit of a dark note with a brief appearance by Jeremiah Mondello, who is currently serving a four-year term in a federal penitentiary in Oregon for using stolen bank account information to create fake eBay and PayPal accounts, which he used to sell pirated software.

Also interesting is a cameo by id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead and what appears to be a two-second flash of Rage in action. It’s hard to make out, though, and then the Klingons started dancing and I got distracted. The important thing is this: Don’t copy that!

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