Don’t Expect Xbox One’s Successor For At Least Ten Years


Microsoft’s Phil Harrison says the Xbox One will be “more than a ten-year journey”.

The original Xbox was released in 2001, and the Xbox 360 followed in 2005, a mere four years later. The Xbox One is scheduled to be released in November of this year, putting its release exactly eight years since the 360’s launch. The gap between console generations grows wider with each new console, and Microsoft’s Phil Harrison says that we can probably expect this trend to continue. Speaking at the Eurogamer Expo 2013, Harrison said that the Xbox One will be “more than a ten-year journey”.

Harrison added that just like the Xbox 360, the Xbox One will be improved and updated over time, throughout the next decade and beyond. Harrison says that the much touted “cloud” features of the new console will be tantamount to this evolution, predicting that it will become a key component in AI and other processes in the near future.

Harrison also talked about the evolution of digital game distribution, saying it is an “unstoppable force” for the industry. He explained that “[Microsoft] remains committed to a digital future,” but adding that the company is grateful for the feedback offered from fans since the console’s initial unveiling.

For reference, the time between the PS1 and PS2 was five years, there were six years separating the PS2 and PS3, and it will have been seven years since the PS3 came out when the PS4 launches this year.

Source: Eurogamer

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