DOTA 2 Documentary, Free to Play, Available to Pre-Load on Steam


Free to Play, the story of three professional DOTA 2 players, can now be on your hard drive – just in case you need to see it the moment it releases.

DOTA 2 has one of the most active competitive gaming scenes on the planet, and the first ever DOTA 2 International Tournament brought in players from all over the world to compete. Most of us can only dream of winning a million dollars by playing video games, but for a handful of pro gamers, that was their reality. Valve captured that experience in a documentary titled Free to Play, and after two years of production the film is being released on Steam this Wednesday, and you can pre-load it now. And yes, it’s free to play.

The full-length movie follows three pro DOTA players: the Ukrainian Dendi, hyhy from Singapore, and US-born Fear. If you don’t know which of them won the inaugural DOTA 2 International in 2011, I’m not going to spoil it for you. Though the film is nominally about DOTA, most of its runtime explores the personal lives and backgrounds of these players and what it’s like to game for a living.

eSports is huge these days – huge enough for pro gamers like these guys to be featured in fantasy leagues – but the community surrounding it can be inaccessible to a lot of people. Early previews of Free to Play indicate that it’s an interesting watch, even if you’re not a hardcore DOTA player, so don’t be surprised if the film brings an influx of new gamers to the DOTA scene. That might be an intentional side effect – Valve, you sly dog.

Source: Steam

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