Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Breaks $2 Million


Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter has now brought in more than five times its original target amount.

It’s official: The Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter, which Tim Schafer figured would earn enough to cover the rent for a month or two, has now waved good-bye to the $2 million dollar mark. That’s two million bucks spread across more than 60,000 backers, in less than two weeks, for a project that initially had a goal of $400,000.

While details about the forthcoming Double Fine Adventure are pretty much non-existent at this point [the game didn’t even exist as anything more than a glint in Schafer’s eye two weeks ago, after all], all that coin means more fun for everyone. The game will be developed for the PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, be available in both Steam and DRM-free formats and be localized in French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Schafer’s runaway success has also inspired other developers to try similar things. Brian Fargo of Interplay fame plans to launch a Kickstarter in March to help fund a Wasteland sequel, while Planescape: Torment mastermind Chris Avellone said he’s thinking about giving it a go too.

The pace of funding has slowed somewhat, which is no surprise, but don’t worry too much if you haven’t yet had a chance to fling your money at the pile. There’s still 22 days left on the clock, plenty of time to do your bit.

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